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Etisalat is one of the biggest and most popular telecommunication network and service provider in the world, this is due to their affordable etisalat data plan and bundles. Etisalat is well-known across African countries for delivering fast and reliable connection and at the same time, providing smart internet bundles.

If you have been a regular user of Etisalat, you’ll agree with me that Etisalat remains one of the best network in Nigeria, mainly because of their friendly call rates, Wide network reach within the country and a very active customer care support.

Etisalat Nigeria also have one of the customer most friendliest network providers, because of their freebies, which includes doubling each customers recharge credit you load, giving you extra bonuses to make calls to all networks and even giving out browsing data per recharge. This depends on tariff plan you are currently using.

etisalat data plan

Services Offered By Etisalat Nigeria

Calls (Local and International)
Very fast Internet connection,
roaming (including special offers for traveling),
various plans (suitable for calls or the Internet).

Advantages of Using Etisalat Nigeria

etisalat Nigeria

When you compare the Etisalat telecommunication to other similar service providers in Nigeria, like MTN Nigeria, Globacomm Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, etc, you’ll discover that when compared with others, Etisalat possesses several advantages, and these includes:

  • You have the opportunity and chance to keep your mobile number after changing from a previous telecommunication network. (This means you will never lose your family members, friends’ numbers, because it will be available and works perfectly)
  • They support the biggest number of Mobile phones producers in Nigeria. All devices are supported, which includes: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.
  • They have some of the lowest prices and convenient tariffs plan for their customers.
  • One of the most efficient customer support unit in Nigeria.

Etisalat Data Plan

I want to share with you, the very cheapest and most reliable etisalat data bundle plan prices and activation codes.

I will be sharing with you, the full details of all data bundle plans from Etisalat Nigeria, which will include the following:

  • Prices,
  • Data allocation,
  • Validity period,
  • Activation codes

For computers, mobile phones, ipad, iphones and tablets.

Etisalat Data Package

Etisalat Nigeria just made a huge announcement in the Data bundle market, by rolling out a total of 12 data plans for their users. In this article guide, i will be showing you the best data plans, prices and how you can easily migrate to your chosen data bundles using it’s specific subscription code.

One of the most exciting 😀 thing about Etisalat Internet Data package is that it’s very affordable. And the best thing is that the etisalat internet packages works for almost all devices.

Etisalat internet Packages

When it comes to recommending the best data packages in Nigeria, taking the first position is Etisalat Nigeria.

Etisalat provides a pocket friendly call rates, a very wide network range and an efficient customer care services for all it’s customers. And what’s more? Etisalat provides Nigerians with one of the fastest, efficient and an affordable data packages, though this depends on your data consumption.

Etisalat Data Bundle

I will be sharing with you, two different formats on how you can use the etisalat data bundle and etisalat data plan code to subscribe for any plan that fits into your schedule.

There has been lots of changes made to the rates of these data bundles, and we’ve made this list with the most current price for each data bundles.

Important Notice: All subscribers should take note, that these plans are valid for 30 days, except otherwise stated. Etisalat Plans are auto-renewal and any remaining data are rollover to the next month plan. But if you don’t subscribe, the remaining data expires. Please take note that any of these bundles not applicable while roaming.

Etisalat Bonus

All Users of this telecom service provider should know that, they will automatically enjoy a 30% bonus on all data plans between 200MB to 6GB once you successfully subscribed.

You can Check your data balance anytime: by dialing *228#.

Etisalat Data Plan For Android, iPhone and Laptops

Etisalat Daily Data Plan

Daily 10MB Data Plan

This plan comes with a cap of 10MB, giving you the access to browse the internet for 24 hours at just 50 Naira ONLY. Once you activate this plan, you’ll automatically be credited with a total of 10MB which comes with a validity period of 24 hour. But if you finish the 10MB within an hour, this plan automatically expires. This plan is for light browsers who wants to surf Social Media.

To Subscribe for the Etisalat Daily 10MB Data Bundle: Dial *229*3*8# or alternatively,
Send MI3 to 229


One of the best Data bundle is the Etisalat Daily 50MB plan. This Etisalat daily 50MB subscription, gives you a 24 HOUR full internet access, and this costs just 100 Naira only.

When you subscribe for this plan with N100, you will instantly be credited with 50MB which you can use for 24 hours ONLY. However, if you exhaust this plan before it’s expiring time, your internet access is cut off.

How To Subscribe for Etisalat Weekly 50MB
Dial *229*3*1#
Send MI1 to 229 through SMS.

Etisalat Weekly Data Plan

Etisalat 200MB Weekly Plan

The 200MB etisalat data bundle is a weekly plan which is valid for 7 days. This plan is best for light browsers who browse the internet on their Mobile phones.

Once you subscribe, you will be credited with 200MB data bundles valid for 7 DAYS. To subscribe, you’ll need to have 200 Naira on your simcard.

To Subscribe for the 200MB: you can use either the dialing or SMS method
Dial *229*2*10#,
Send LCD to 229

Etisalat Monthly Data Plan

500MB Monthly Data Plan

The 500MB plan is valid for 30 days, and is most suitable for light browsers, who don’t surf the web always. One good thing about this plan is that it works both on the Day and Night time.

This mobile plan is the best ideal plan for users such as tablets, playbooks, phones, etc who have a higher demand for data, especially, the Android Users.

Please take note that this data plan gives you 500MB of data for 30 days (1 month) and costs ONLY 500 Naira.

To Subscribe for the 500MB: Dial *229*2*12#
Send LCD2 to 229 via SMS

1GB Weekend Plan

The Etisalat 1GB Weekend Plan is best for mobile device users, which include those using the tablets, playbooks, phones. Mainly because these devices have a higher demand for data subscription.

As shown above, this plan gives you a total of 1GB worth of data for 30 Days (1 month) which is priced at 500 Naira cost only.

The only disadvantage of this plan, is that it’s a weekend plan. Which is valid from Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm every Weekend.

How To Subscribe for the 1GB Weekend Plan:
Dial *5995*2#.

1.5GB internet Bundles

This is one best plan for those who are heavy surfers on Mobile. If you like reading blogs, going through your Email inbox, browsing through fashion blogs, then here’s your ideal internet bundle plan. This plan works best for mobile devices and those who occasionally surf the web on laptop and desktop computers via an etisalat enabled modem.

To activate this plan, you will need to have a balance of N1,000 on your Simcard.
This plan gives you a total of 1.5GB data. Valid for 1 month.

How To Subscribe for the Etisalat 1.5GB:
Dial *229*2*7#
Send AND1 to 229 through SMS.

3.5GB internet Bundles

This Plan is best suit for the Social Media savvy ones, who always connect to the internet on a daily basic. Browse Pictures, Download Videos and Upload their Selfies. This plan also works on laptop and desktop computers. You can connect this plan to work on your Laptop or desktop computer through the use of etisalat enabled modem.

This Plan gives you a total of 3.5GB of data.
This Plan is valid for 1 month.
This plan costs 2,000 Naira only.

Subscription Code

To Subscribe for the Etisalat 3.5GB, please follow the instruction below:
Dial *229*2*8#
Send AND2 to 229 via text message.

6.5GB Plan

This etisalat Nigeria data plan works for the Heavy Mobile users and those who use their Laptops and Desktops to browse the internet. This plan is most suitable for Heavy users on Mobile Phones and Light users on laptops and Desktops.

Etisalat Plan Packages
This plan gives you a total of 6.5GB of data.
This plan is valid for 1 month.
Cost the sum total of 3,500 Naira ONLY for a successful activation.

To Subscribe for the Etisalat 6.5GB for N3,500 only: Dial *229*2*33# or alternatively, send AND3 to 229

16GB Plan
This plan is for you if you plan to fully use mobile devices and also occasionally surf the web on your laptop or desktop computers via an etisalat-enabled modem.

Upon activation of this plan, you will receive 8GB of data, which is valid for 1 month at 8,000 Naira cost.

Etisalat Subscription Code
To Subscribe for the Etisalat 8GB,
Dial *229*2*5#
Send MB6 to 229.

22GB Plan
This data plan for etisalat is best for those who downloads Videos and upload videos on their Social Media account via Mobile phones, Laptops and Desktops.

This plan gives you a total of 22GB worth of data,
This plan is valid for 1 month,
Costs a total of 10,000 Naira ONLY.

Subscription Code
Here’s a guide on how to subscribe for the Etisalat 22GB using either of these methods.
1. Dial *229*4*1#
2. Send SM1 to 229 via sms and text message.

30GB Quarterly Plan

The Etisalat 30gb quarterly plan is one of the Best data plan every heavy users should check out. It gives all subscribers a total data bundle of 30GB which is valid for 90 days. This plan is ideal for heavy users on Mobile phones, Laptops and Desktops who are always surfing the Web.

This plan comes with a total of 30GB data,
Validity period: 90 days
Subscription Price: 27,500 Naira only.

30 GB Subscription Code

To successfully subscribe for the Etisalat 30GB data plan, simply follow the guides below.

Dial *229*5*1#
Send 4M to 229 via SMS.

60GB Bi-annual Plan

The Etisalat biannual plan comes with a total of 60GB which is valid for a whooping 120 days. This plan is ideal for those who are always browsing the internet and does not like subscribing on a Daily or weekly basic.

This plan comes with a total of 60GB data,
Validity Period: 6 months (120 days)
Subscription Price:55,000 Naira ONLY.

Subscription Code For Etisalat 60GB
To Subscribe for the Etisalat 60GB, use the method outline below. You can choose to activate this plan, either by Dialing or Text Message.

Dial *229*5*2#
Send 6M to 229 through SMS.

100GB Plan

This plan is most suitable for those who surf the internet on their Laptops, Desktop computers via an etisalat-enabled modem. For those who would love to activate this on their Mobile phone, should also know that it’s works perfectly fine for Mobile users.

This plan is also great for Companies running on Data Packages.

Data Worth: 100GB of data,
Validity Period: 30 DAYS,
Subscription Price: 84,992 Naira ONLY.

Etisalat 100GB Subscription Code
Here is how you can successfully subscribe for the Etisalat 100GB:

Dial *229*4*5#
send SM5 to 229 through SMS.

120GB Annual Plan

This is one of the BEST etisalat prepaid plans, since you’ll be prepaying for the 120GB annual plan. This requires a one time payment and you’ll get 120GB to surf the internet through an entire year.

Well, this plan is suitable for Heavy users on Mobile phones, laptops and Desktop Computers, companies and corporation.

Once you have successfully activate this plan, you will receive 120GB of data.
Validation Period: 1 YEAR (365 DAYS)
Subscription price: 110,000 Naira only.

How To Subscribe for the Etisalat 60GB:

Dial *229*5*3#
send 12M to 229 through sms.

How to Check Etisalat Data Plan Balance

There are two methods which you can use to check the Etisalat data MB/GB balance, click Here for guides on how to check your data balance.

Etisalat Smartphone Plans Data Plans

etisalat smartphone plan

Just in case you are wondering what is the meaning of smartpaks? Thus Data plans and data package gives you an unlimited access to the application you loved the most on your Mobile phones (Smartphones). With the smartpaks data package, you get to any data bundle that suits your need, either the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Etisalat Nigeria data plan, which gives you access to chat, get social and watch movies and live matches live on Your Mobile devices. 🙁

One good aspect of using the Etisalat Smarkpaks is that it has several plans for all type of users. If you are one of those people who are known as the light internet users, then your best bet is to choose any of these light smartpak data plans from Etisalat.

How to Subscribe for Smarkpaks

You can choose to either activate any of the Smartpaks through SMS or dialing.

Etisalat Smartphone Plans
plan monthly cost(N) activation code
(sms to 8183)
activtion code
500MB 500 smarta *229*2*11#
1.5GB 1,000 smartb *229*2*22#
3.5GB 2,000 smartc *229*2*44#
6.5GB 3,500 smartd *229*2*33#
8GB 8,000 smarte *229*2*55#

OR you can simply dial *200# on your mobile device, choose option 3 from the data menu. You can then proceed and follow the guidelines, which will aid you, in selecting the best of the smartpaks below that fit your needs:

Etisalat Videopak

Do you love, absolutely love watching Videos? Well, Etisalat Nigeria has got the exact bundle for you. I don’t know for others, but it seems like this is the ONLY network that provides an internet package, which allows subscribers to watch ANY number of videos within a given period of time.

Please take note that the Videopak offers all active subscriber, up to 2 hours of uninterrupted video streaming on any video watching portal, which includes Youtube, Movie watching websites like Netflix, etc.

This bundle costs four hundred Naira Only (N400).
This plan has a validity period of 2 hours of UNLIMITED video streaming experience.

Etisalat Chatpak

This is an exclusive internet package for the social Media users. Are you always on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime, Google+, BBM, etc? Why spend money when these are the ONLY websites you visit?

Good news! There is a low price internet subscription that offers you a full internet access to use BBM, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and all other internet messengers for just N50 per day, or N150 per week.

I highly recommend you try out the ChatPak and see it’s full benefits. Currently, there isn’t any chatpak internet bundle plan for a month. So you have to use the weekly plan.

Etisalat Socialpak:

This is another wonderful mobile data plan, which is called the “Socialpak”. This Mobile data plan offers all it’s subscribers, an unlimited and completely full internet access to use BBM, WeChat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facetime, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and all other internet messengers.

SocialPak Subscription Code

You are required to have a balance of N350 on your simcard. Then dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu. choose option 3 for smartpaks.

Etisalat Blackberry Plan

Etisalat Blackberry Plan

This data bundle works ONLY on blackberry devices. Most blackberry Users choose the Etisalat Blackberry Data Plan because it provides one of the highest data package at the most affordable price.

Take note that these blackberry subscription packages can work for every blackberry phones.

However, there is something important you should be aware of, there are actually two (2) types of blackberry plans which is currently available For Etisalat Users:

We have the:
Regular Etisalat BB plans,
Blackberry 10 plans.

Etisalat BIS Code

Here is what you need to know about the Etisalat BB10 internet packages

Etisalat BB10 Data Plans

All interested users should know that you can easily opt in the voice call offer which is associated with the Blackberry subscription. The voice plan gives all subscribers, access to enjoying cheap call rates at 20k/s to all networks in Nigeria.

For those who do more of calling, this plan will work perfect for you. You can call at a reduced rates with the voice plan activated on your subscription, dial the codes (as given with each plan below) to subscribe rather than send SMS.

Etisalat Blackberry Subscription

Blackberry 10 lite with Unlimited BBM

10MB Daily
The daily BB subscription of 10MB internet bundles for Blackberry 10 devices costs N70 only. Please note that Once you’ve activate this plan, you will get 10MB worth of data to browse the internet. This is valid for 24 hours only.

Data Worth: 10MB
Validity Period: 24Hrs

Activation Code
To successfully activate the 10MB plan on your BB10 smartphone,
Dial *599*2*2#
OR send:
DLITE to 399 via SMS.

70MB Weekly

This is one of the best etisalat weekly plan for blackberry users. The 70MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices costs ₦350 only.

Data Description:
Data Worth: 70MB
Validity Period: 1 week (7 days) only.

Activation Code
There are two methods of activating this bundle, either through Dialing or SMS.

To activate the 70MB plan on your BB10 smartphone,

Dial *599*2*1#
OR Send Via sms
WLITE to 399 via SMS.

Etisalat Blackberry Monthly Plan and Subscription Code

260MB Monthly
This plan is for the BB lite users, who don’t always surf the internet. This is an ideal plan for those who ONLY visit social Media and their inbox. The 260MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices costs One thousand Naira (N1,000) only.

Data Description
Data Worth: 260MB
Validity Period: 30 Days.

Subscription Code
To successfully activate this plan on your BB, follow the guides below.
To activate the 260MB plan on your BB10 smartphone, use any of these method.

dial *599*2#

send MLITE to 399

Blackberry 10 MID with unlimited BBM:

15MB Daily
This package works best for the lightest users. The 15MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices will cost you ONLY ₦100 to subscribe to.

Plan Description
Worth: 15MB
Validity Period: 24 hours.
Price: ₦100

How To Activate

To activate the 10MB plan on your BB10 smartphone, you can choose any of the underline methods:

dial *599*3*2#

send DMID to 399 via SMS.

500MB Monthly

The 500MB internet package for Blackberry 10 devices is for medium users, who occasionally surf the internet and visit their social Media accounts.

500MB Monthly Bundle Description
Cost: ₦1,500 only.
Worth: 500MB
Validity Period: 30 days only.

How To Activate
For a successful activation of this plan on your BB10 smartphone, dial *599*3# or send MMID to 399 via SMS.

125MB Weekly

This is one of the best and most popular weekly plan for medium users. This plan gives you a total of 125MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices, and it costs JUST N550 only.

Once you have successfully activate this plan, you will get 125MB worth of data to browse the internet. This is valid for 7 days only.

How To Activate
To successfully activate the 125MB plan on your BB10 smartphone, you can choose the dialing or sms method.

Dialing Method:
Dial *599*3*1# to activate this plan,

SMS Method:
send WMID to 399.

Blackberry 10 MAX with unlimited BBM

360MB Weekly Plan
Another amazing weekly plan for the Medium web surfers. If you occasionally browse the internet and visit your social profiles, here is the ideal plan for you. Here are the specs of the 360MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices costs.

Price: N1,100 only.
Worth: 360MB worth
Validity Period: 7 days only.

Subscription Code:

You can activate this plan, either by dialing *599*8# or sending WMAX to 399 via SMS.

1535MB (1.536GB) Monthly Bundle Package

The 1.536 plan for Blackberry 10 devices is suitable for all Medium surfers. If you usually spend some time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and visit blogs, then this monthly plan is ideal for you.

Cost: N3,000 only.
Allocated Data: 1536MB OR 1.536GB
Validity Period: 30 days only.

How To Activate
You can easily activate the 1.536GB plan on your BB10 smartphone, either by dialing *599*4# or send MMAX to 399 via SMS.

50MB Daily

One of the cheapest daily internet bundle plan for Blackberry users is the 50MB daily bundle. The 50MB plan for Blackberry 10 devices is available for all Etisalat users N200 only.

Worth: 50MB
Validity Period: 24 hours only.
Price: ₦200

How to Activate
You can easily activate the 50MB plan on your BB10 smartphone using any of the below methods:

Dial *599*7#

send DMAX to 399 via SMS.

Etisalat Blackberry Data Plan For Other Blackberry Smartphones

For the BB data plans for other Blackberry Smartphones, we have two types of Datas, and they are:

1. Blackberry Absolute.
2. Blackberry Complete.

Please take note that you can use the following regular blackberry plans on all other BB devices and it works perfectly fine, except for the BB10, which comes with it’s own plans and subscriptions.

Blackberry Absolute:

Please take note that this Blackberry Absolute plan ONLY has three divisions, which are as follows:

Monthly Plan

You can try out the Blackberry absolute monthly plan, since it’s very affordable and comes with several goodies.


Plan Costs: ₦1,500
Validity Period: 30 days (1 month)

How To Activate
You can activate this monthly plan on your BB smartphone by dialing: *499*1#

Weekly Plan

The Blackberry Weekly Plan is valid for 7 days ONLY and interested subscribers need to have up to Five hundred and fifty Naira (₦550) on their simcard, before they can be eligible to activate this plan.

Plan Costs: ₦550
Validity Period: (7 days) 1 week.

How To Activate
You can activate the plan by Dialing: *499*6#

Daily Plan
The Blackberry daily Plan works best for those who ONLY want to surf the net for the day.

Plan Costs: ₦100
Validity Period: 24 Hrs.
How to subscribe: *499*6#

Etisalat Blackberry Complete:

The Blackberry complete and Blackberry Absolute is almost identical to each other, but the difference is that the the Blackberry complete plan is cheaper.

Another huge difference is that the Blackberry complete plan does not come with an allocated data.

Monthly Plan

The Blackberry Complete Monthly Plan is used by thousands of Blackberry users and they are not complaining.
To activate this plan, you’ll need to have One thousand Naira ONLY (₦1,000) on your simcard.

Plan Description:
Validity Period: 30 Days
Price: ₦1,000
How to Subscribe: Dial *499*3# or send COM to 399 via SMS.

Weekly Plan

The Blackberry Complete Weekly Plan another wonderful package which is highly recommendable for all Nigerian Blackberry Users.

Plan Description:
Validity Period: 7 Days
Price: ₦500
How to Subscribe: Dial *499*3*1# or send COW to 399 via SMS.

Daily Plan

The Blackberry Complete Daily Plan from the Blackberry Complete plan is absolutely wonderful and a trial will convince you.

Plan Description:
Validity Period: 24 Hours (1 Days)
Price: ₦100
How to Subscribe: Dial *499*3*2# or send COD to 399 via SMS.

Final Verdict and Conclusion

Finally, i have shown you, the complete list of all Etisalat Nigeria data plans,internet packages and internet bundles.

One major issue subscribers faced while subscribing for any Etisalat data bundles, is that their plans are always on Auto renewals and data are been roll over on all Etisalat data plan bundles.

However, if you choose NOT to make your plans be on Automatic Renewal, and you want to opt out, send the Opt-Out Code: Dial *229*0#. Or you can follow this guidelines to opt out of ALL auto-renewals on Etisalat.

Lastly, i would really appreciate it, if you can take just 3 seconds to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+.

Just in case you’ve got any questions, please use the comment form below.